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BMW 530e

Written in collaboration with BMW Denmark

Remember our collaboration with BMW on our Nordic Adventure? No? Then check out our video from our eco-friendly journey where we traveled by a Plug-In Hybrid BMW!

We are continuing our successful collaboration with BMW on our Danish Adventure! On this journey, we are borrowing the brand new BMW 530e iPerformance, which is a new Plug-In Hybrid with better range. This will allow us to travel even more eco-friendly than on our previous Nordic Adventure. With the BMW 530e we are able to drive 64 km on electricity, and since Denmark is a much smaller country than Sweden and Norway the distance we are going to travel is much shorter. This means that our journey through Denmark in the car is going to have a really really low CO2 footprint.

This model is actually so new that we haven’t even been able to find the information page about the car in English. Therefore we cannot link to an English info page.

However, you can check out information, videos, and photos on the Danish page. Click HERE to read more.

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