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Marienlyst Strandhotel

Written in collaboration with Marienlyst Strandhotel. Text is inspired by Marienlyst Strandhotel’s website.

We are staying at Marienlyst during our Danish Adventure. The historical beach hotel which was built in 1861. Get up to see the beautiful sunset over the sea and enjoy the many amazing services which are always included when you order your room directly with Marienlyst.

The spa offers spa experiences beyond the ordinary with a fantastic view of the beach. There is an indoor and outside area with saunas located right at the beach.


Welcome to Brasserie 1861. Here, you will get an outstanding experience of Chef Nanna Maria Hansens visionary cuisine. The cuisine is not restricted by rigid culinary dogmas but is open for curiosity and Nanna’s constant hunt of the innovative.

The restaurant serves innovative courses inspired by the French as well as the Nordic cuisine. Our focus is on the sea and the fantastic nature surrounding Marienlyst. So, look forward to plenty of local sensations.

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