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Surf & Work Silicon VØ

Written in collaboration with Surf & Work Silicon VØ. Text is inspired by their website.

We are visiting Surf & Work during our Danish Adventure. Silicon VØ is an office community at Vesterhavet.
They are a bunch of surfers, nature lovers and life lovers who have chosen to have their working life with like-minded people. They do a lot of different things and have very different profiles, and that is why it is especially fun to go to “work” at Surf & Work.

Surf & Work have created a healthy entrepreneurial environment that is built around community and diversity. They want to inspire companies to think sustainability into the company’s DNA and help convey the good stories for inspiration to others. For Surf & Work, a sustainable company starts where entrepreneurs are motivated. If you have courage and good karma, you also have the opportunity to make a positive difference for others. By asking questions about the status quo, Surf & Work can jointly create sustainable innovation. Surf & Work want to stimulate curiosity and desire to change and improve.

Surf & Work wants to be the platform and focal point for creative enthusiasts who through their entrepreneurship, whatever it is as a start-up or established company, work to make a positive difference for themselves and the outside world.

Surf & Work’s philosophy is that one’s private interests must reflect one’s working life, which must mean that one’s working day is considerably more interesting. Furthermore, we believe that one’s professional career should support one’s private dreams and goals, not the other way around.

With inspiring and professional frameworks Surf & Work will create the best facilities for entrepreneurship and creativity in the local area. With a non-profit and non-profit perspective, Surf & Work strive to create value for local citizens and businesses, and all financial profits are dedicated to this process. The goal is thus to attract exciting personalities and activities to the surrounding area and to contribute to positive development, for the benefit of Surf & Work’s residents, the local community and visitors.

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