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Woodworker as in 1930

Written in collaboration with Gammel Estrup. Text is inspired by their website.

During our Danish Adventure we will stay overnight in the forest worker’s house to try to live as a forest worker in 1930. Living in the house will hopefully give us a unique insight into life as it unfolded for a working family in the countryside in the old days.

It is a very authentic experience. The forest worker’s house is not equipped with either electricity or water. The food must therefore be made on the original old wood stove, which is also the central heat source in the small house.

As a forest worker, we have to make sure to cut down on firewood to cook our food and warm up the house. The museum provides raw materials, so we can make classic home cooking with, for example, potatoes, eggs, pork and bread. And in the evening, the light source is kerosene lamps, which must be worn with the outside on the toilet when going to the toilet.

During the stay we must also welcome guests who visit the house in the forest.

To read more about this special experience click HERE.

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